VR game
Waba is a virtual pet for VR, commisioned by Oculus.

Waba started life as a simple physics toy, but evolved into a full on AI powered virtual pet experience adored by VR fans everywhere. In the early days of VR, I made a prototype of a soft, floating, virtual pet that you could touch, taking advantage of brand new hand tracking tech from Leap Motion. This simple prototype got incredible reactions from people, and I knew I was on to something.

After pitching it around Los Angeles for 6 months, the project finally attracted the attention of Oculus, who gave me a grant to develop it into a full game for the upcoming Rift VR headset.

I used the money to hire a small team, and developed it over the course of three years. There were many ups and downs, setbacks and struggles. It turned into one of the most challenging projects of my life. Along the way I made lifelong friends, built a company, and was flown around the world to show the game and do talks.

Upon release, it went viral within the VR community, spawning YouTube videos galore (just search Waba on YouTube).

I'm proud of Waba! and proud of the company it became the basis of, Cuteness Technology.

concept art by Nobuko Hor

You can purchase Waba on Oculus or Steam

You can puchase the soundtrack here

See the offical game site at http://waba.pet


Edwon - director, artist, engineer

Macoubre - music

Tahnee Gehm - animator

Evan Hemsley - lead engineer

Greg Batha - virtual pet consultant

Tyler Hutchison - engineer

Nobuko Hori - concept art, logo design

Eric Itomura - graphics engineer

Renee Gittins - producer

Tom Hart - product manager