VR Infinite Gesture
VR Developer Tool

VR Infinite Gesture is a Unity plugin (now deprecated) for VR developers. Using machine learning, the plugin could recognize user hand gestures in VR.

To promote the plugin I created this video. The video went mini viral at the time, and I'm really proud of it!

The filming setup was epic, James Cameron-esque you might say. We used a Vive tracker to track the camera, and the headset and controllers to track the position of the people in the scene. We then used OBS (realtime streaming software) to cut us out from greenscreen, and composite us perfectly into the 3D scene, all in real time. Filming was a technical nightmare, but a blast once we got it all working, as you could see the end result on screen while you filmed. This was cutting edge stuff at the time, especially for a zero budget project.

To tell you about the plugin itself, after a few months of good sales on the Unity Asset Store we were priced out by several competitors who had copied the idea, and they did it better than us. This wasn't the end of the world for us though, as we needed to focus on shipping Waba at that time anways. We decided to open source the plugin and make it free for anyone to use.

This plugin is now deprecated and free on GitHub. 



Edwon - video director, product manager, plugin engineer

Tyler Hutchison - plugin machine learning engineer

Ben Vance - camera holderer