Song of the Salaryman

Story, Editor, Salaryman


2nd Salaryman 


Cinematographer, Editor

Andrew Franks


Kyoto, Japan

Time is the most valuable thing you have. Don't let anyone tell you how to use it. 


Inspired by the lives of the salarymen I see everyday in Kyoto, and my own experience working at a Japanese company, I thought it would be cool to make a silly / sad video about a salaryman going crazy one day and climbing up a mountain instead of working.   

京都でみた日々のサラリーマンと、自分自身の日本の会社での職場の経験から、「サラリーマンが狂っていき、ある日仕事をせず山を登り始める」といった滑稽な (悲しい) ビデオを作ると面白いのではないかと考えました。 

 I made a quick little version of the intro in my apartment, but then I put the project aside.  


A few months later my buddy Andrew Franks came to visit me in Kyoto and he wanted to hang out and make a short film. 

その数ヶ月後、私の友達のAndrew Franksが京都まで訪れてきて、ここでショートフィルムを作りたいと言いました。  I had the perfect idea! We set about making it and this is the result. ちょうどいいパーフェクトなアイデアがある!ということで私たちは創作活動を始め、その結果がこのビデオです。  

I edited this version for YouTube and Franks made a Vimeo version which is more like a vintage movie, check it out here: