Family Force 5 Dance or Die
music video

A music video I directed for Family Force 5.

With an obvious influence from a lifetime of Michael Jackson and Star Wars consumption, combined with the infamous christian crunk of Family Force 5, this video popped out of my youthful imagination. I was only 22 at the time.

This video took me 6 months to make, and the budget was $5000. I was pretty  much willing to do anything to become a director. I lived on $1.50 tofu sandwiches from the vietnamese place down the street during 4 months of editing, animation, and compositing done by yours truly. I also spent 2 months with the band touring across America, teaching them how to dance, and filming them on a green screen we carried around with the sound gear. It was hard work, I lost money, but I loved every minute of it. I'm still proud of the video I made with the totally unique Family Force 5!

btw the views on this video are kind of insane, over 2 million at last check, see the official post of the video here:


Edwon - Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator, Compositor, Choreographer, etc...