Wave Master was my own take on the classic game, Wave Race 64.

It began as a simple idea, what if Wave Race had been made for the Virtual Boy? So, I set out to program the physics of the water myself, feeling lost, I asked my boss at the time if he knew any tricks. That boss happened to be Giles Goddard, who not only coded 1080 Snowboarding for N64 himself, but happened to know a thing or two about how the Wave Race 64 physics worked.

After some high level napkin sketches, I successfully recreated the fluid physics. After a month or two of more tweaking, I was able to get the jet ski controls feeling close to the original, tricks included!

I then added some of my own twists to the game, such as VR support, Leap Motion hand tracking, and the ability to shoot waves from your Jet Ski.

It was a fun project, and ended up taking almost 6 months. It's still just a prototype, but I hope to come back to this game eventually and release it on Steam, Switch, etc...