Ready To Ride

The next installment of the "Ready To" series will leave you feeling ready to get ready to do something. 

Before I left for Japan Kara Wallace and Ryan Frey had an idea for another "Ready To" video. Kara offered to provide her horse ranch and Ryan Frey offered his ultra pro filming abilities.

At that time I was so busy with preparing to move to Japan that I was unable to edit the video. It is now 8 months later, I'm living in my dream country, and I finally had some time to assemble the amalgimation of insanity that is a "Ready To" video. Finding the rhythm of the editing and sound was challenging as always. After a 2 day editing marathon, it is complete. Are you ready?

障子 Shoji Installation Concept Animation

 Concept animation for an installation by Edwon

 Concept animation for an installation by Edwon

I'm currently preparing to do a projection mapping / interactive installation in Kyoto, Japan with friend Eddie Lee of Funktronic Labs. From the brainstorming process the idea of a shoji (traditional japanese door) floating around in the forest sparked our imaginations.

As the shoji is pushed back and forth by a guest, the world seen through the paper moves and reacts to it's own position as well as the viewers. The end result is a window into another world. 

This design would use a single rear projector. To track the position of the door and match the projection to it, we'll use four infrared LED's and an infrared camera. Software tool of choice remains undecided, perhaps Touch Designer or the legendary Funk Engine (Eddie's handcrafted engine).

p.s. the art inside the shoji is temporary and meant only as an example, but if your into it I don't mind

Uniduino: Arduino For Unity Trailer

Uniduino is here! Check it out:

Make your game an experience. Connect Arduino to the Unity game engine with Uniduino.

Any electronic input or output that can be connected to an Arduino can now be connected to Unity. 

Use simple, Arduino-like code to incorporate Arduino into your projects. 

Works exactly the same on Mac and PC. 

The game in the video actually works. It was made in Unity connected to Arduino using Uniduino and about six lines of code to sync the in-game events with the fan and the lights. Hardware used: fan, lights, 2 solid state relay's, hdtv, ps3 controller.