Meishi 名刺

A business card is an incredibly important thing in Japan, it shows other people your professionalism as well as a sense of your personality. Another random fact, my dad used to always say "If your gonna do something, do it well". To be honest, as a kid I completely ignored the advice, but now my engineer genetics are kicking in and I simply cannot make something that I would consider boring if I were on the receiving end. I must create magic, the world needs more of it, Japan needs more of it.

Thanks to my friend Sachiko's recommendation I went to FabCafe in Tokyo which is basically a combined Starbucks / Makerspace. It's awesome. After a few sprints across Tokyo to grab the materials I needed and a few hours of tweeking, magic came out of the glowing beam of lazer light.

5月 24, 2014 20:51.gif

3D Totoro

I love Totoro. On a whim I decided to see if I could render a photo real Totoro. This is the result. It's not a story just a collection of random render tests.

All in all I spent 2 days and an all nighter to make this happen!

This is my first time ever rigging characters in cinema 4d as well as doing fur which was quite a challenge. Still a long way to go before I finish this though. I'd like to use the assets I made to tell a tiny story with Totoro in the real world.

made using zbrush, cinema 4d, and after effects


4月 06, 2014 18:01.gif

Considiring that I am possibly the worlds biggest E.T. fan, I feel inspiration every time I see a patch of mysterious plant life. While hiking in a forest near Kyoto I filmed a bunch of random ferny shots with my iPhone using an olloclip telephoto lens. I wanted to see if I could succesfully composite a cinema4d object into the scene in a few hours. The render/composite test was successful I think, but now, what I should I do with this incredible illusionary power?

P.S. I think this video should be in the "random shapes flying in a forest for no reason" category on vimeo