Meishi 名刺

A business card is an incredibly important thing in Japan, it shows other people your professionalism as well as a sense of your personality. Another random fact, my dad used to always say "If your gonna do something, do it well". To be honest, as a kid I completely ignored the advice, but now my engineer genetics are kicking in and I simply cannot make something that I would consider boring if I were on the receiving end. I must create magic, the world needs more of it, Japan needs more of it.

Thanks to my friend Sachiko's recommendation I went to FabCafe in Tokyo which is basically a combined Starbucks / Makerspace. It's awesome. After a few sprints across Tokyo to grab the materials I needed and a few hours of tweeking, magic came out of the glowing beam of lazer light.

5月 24, 2014 20:51.gif